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We the People of Meghalaya resolved to self govern, we are one and we bind ourselves to protect each other, we are going to shine by our action. We are sovereign and we are doing the God given Rights, we declare that from today the 22/10/2021 we shall see that our State will Prosper, Joy and Happiness, Security and Freedom shall be there in each of us.

We shall do no harm and we shall protect our living beings to live in secure, harmony, and Freedom.


Vision and Mission Statement 


We stand United to Change the world, we start from Meghalaya, like Brothers like Sisters in the name of our almighty God as we know he is with us yesterday today and forever. We are going to win one by one in terms of prosperity, wisdom, wealth, happiness , health and freedom.

From today onward we shall taste the sweet of Freedom, prosperity and abundance shall reign in your home sweet home, let do and achieve and get the best results of our life.

Mission Statement 

We respect the Natural Law, we shall implement the God given rights.

We shall conserve and protect the living beings around us.

We shall respect the peace and security principles, no one cheat, no one lie and we will not tolerate if any one do cheat, we will not allow to depict by anybody, Tyranary must perish in our land, family and household members must protect the integrity of Meghalaya with the best defense system.

Law and Law Enforcement shall be served and justice must be present in all of the lawful activities of action.

We shall access the best educational services so that knowledge and wisdom will get by each of us.

We shall not do any harm to any one, and we will not allow abortion, and child abuse. Family Services shall serve with the highest standard of life.

We shall protect our treasure, the people of Meghalaya must have enough wealth and these wealth shall be passed to the next generations of generations, Works that generate wealth shall be initiated by each of us.

We shall restore back all the glory which we feel that it is not here today.

Food Surplus must be there in each Family, thick and green forest must be seen by all, air and clean water must be seen and have by all, good home, good infrastructure must be accessed by the People.

The living beings like birds, animals, and fishes must present in large numbers and quantities, we all must see that they live in peace and joy.

We shall live a healthy lifestyle, no one gets hurt, no more illness both human beings and the environment.

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